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Favorite kind of music is Psychedelic sixties and seventies rock! I also enjoy Private Press LP rarities..

Favorite Psych LPs:

1) Food- Forever is a Dream
2) Blossom Toes- We Are Ever So Clean
3) Love- Forever Changes
4) Zombies- Odessey and Oracle
5) Anonymous- Inside The Shadow
6) Ithaca- A Game For All Who Know..
7) Michael Angelo- s/t (Guinn)
8) Third Estate- Years Before The Wine
9) Strawberry Alarm Clock- Wake Up....It's Tomorrow
10) Byrds- Notorious Byrd Brothers
11) Beatles- Revolver
12) C.A. Quintet- A trip thru' hell...
13) Soft Machine- Volume 2
14) Plastic Cloud- s/t
15) WCPAEB- A Child's Guide to good and evil
16) Jade- Faces of Jade
18) Caravan- Caravan
19) Hendrickson Road House (Two Dot)
20) Cargo- Front Side Back Side

Private Press LPs-

1) Hopkins Bradley
2) Alice Island Band
3) Jeff Harmon
4) Sixth Station
5) Dave Bixby
6) Zerfas
7) Felt
8) Lazy Smoke
9) Justen O'Brien and Jake
10) Pine Hill Isolation Party

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Favorite vintage cult horror from North America & Canada:

Brotherhood of Satan
Count Yorga
The Return of Count Yorga
The House of Dark Shadows
Rosemary's Baby
The Velvet Vampire
The Other
Let's Scare Jessica to Death
Sole Survivor
The Mephisto Waltz
Incubus (1965)
Lemora- A Child's Tale of the Supernatural
The Candy Snatchers
Dawn of the Dead (original)
Death Bed (1977)
Phantom of the Paradise
Tourist Trap
Spider Baby
Ganja and Hess

Favorite Spanish Horror & Mexican Horror:

The House That Screamed
Who Could Kill a Child?
The Legend of Blood Castle
The People Who Own The Dark
Saga of the Draculas
Frankenstein's Bloody Terror
Werewolf Shadow
Night of the Werwolf
Hunchback of the Morgue
Horror Rises From The Tomb
The Vampire's Night Orgy
The Corruption of Chris Miller
A Bell From Hell
A Candle For The Devil
The Horror Express
Tombs of the Blind Dead
Cross of the Devil
The Blood Spattered Bride
The Exquisite Cadaver
Even The Wind is Afraid
Blacker Than The Night
Book of Stone
El Vampiro
Curse of the Crying Woman
The Witch's Mirror
World of the Vampires

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Favorite British Horror Movies!

The Blood on Satan's Claw
Vampire Circus
Twins Of Evil
Full Circle
The Innocents
Peeping Tom
Horror of Dracula
Brides of Dracula
City of the Dead
The Creeping Flesh
The Wicker Man
Eye of the Devil
The Skull
Night of the Eagle
Dead Of Night (1945 orig)
Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed
BBC Count Dracula (Louis Jourdan)
ITV Dracula (Denholm Elliott)
The Gorgon
Plague of the Zombies
Satan's Slave
Kiss of The Vampire
Captain Clegg
The Haunting (orig)

Favorite TV Movies!

Satan's Triangle
Dark Secret of Harvest Home (Long 4 hour complete mini-series)
Black Noon
Crowhaven Farm
Dracula 1973 (Purple Playhouse, Norman Welsh as count)
Don't Be Afraid of the Dark
Dark Night of the Scarecrow
The Cat Creature
The Devil's Daughter
The Great Houdini
Don't Go To Sleep
The Demon Murder Case
Ritual of Evil
The Stepford Children
The Babysitter
Dark Intruder
Killer Bees
The Strange Possession of Mrs Oliver
The Haunting of Helen Walker
The Passion of Dracula
Alien Lover
Mrs Amworth
Night of The Marionettes many more!! : )

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My personal favorite European Top 30 Gothic Horror Movies! No specific order as I love 'em all the same!

Death Smiles on a Murderer
Horrible Dr. Hichcock
The Blood Rose
La Residencia
Web of the Spider
Nosferatu in Venice
Dracula's Great Love
Nude For Satan
Valerie and Her Week of Wonders
The Dracula Saga
La Marca Del Hombre Lobo
Kill, Baby...Kill
Black Sunday
Legend of Blood Castle
Devil's Wedding Night
Castle of Blood
Mill of the Stone Women
Crypt of the Vampire
The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave
Le Frisson De Vampires
Nightmare Castle
Girl Slaves of Morgana Le Fay
Devil's Nightmare
Slaughter of the Vampires
Strange Love of the Vampires
El Conde Dracula
Whip and the Body
The Vampire and the Ballerina

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